ICOMOS: Edo Sanpu 2020, an Artists Dialogue Netherlands – Japan, 14-12-2018

12 december 2018 | 19.30 uur | DutchCulture, Amsterdam
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Onderwerp van deze avond is de creatieve samenwerking van kunstenaars bij het Edo Sanpu 2020 project tussen Gedeeld Cultureel Erfgoed landen Japan en Nederland. Aan de hand van hun intensieve samenwerking vertellen ze over hun projecten.


Edo Sanpu 2020: an artists dialogue about imaging in Japan and the Netherlands


Date: Wednesday 12 December 2018

Time: 19:30-21:30 (drinks and meal from 18:30)

Place: DutchCulture, Herengracht 474 in Amsterdam

Subject: Edo Sanpu 2020: an artists dialogue about imaging in Japan and the Netherlands

Speakers:: Hirokichi, Hannie van den Bergh, Yasuyoshi Botan, Jan van den Berg

Language: the presentations will be in English


Edo Sanpu 2020 consists of four art projects, inspired by four distinctive aspects of the relationship between the Netherlands and Japan (past and present). In particular: trade & transport, food & table manners, language & games and knowledge & science. All four projects will be executed and exhibited both in Japan and in the Netherlands.

In November and December 2018, the two Japanese participants of the project, Yasuyoshi Botan and Hirokichi will be Artists in Residence at AGA Lab. In collaboration with AGA Lab and the Grafisch Werkcentrum Amsterdam, they will develop a new version of the traditional Japanese card game karuta. The final results will be presented at Bouwput Gallery, Japan Museum Sieboldhuis, Cool Japan and have a two-month exhibition at OBA Oosterdok (Centrale).

During the ICOMOS NL lecture evening on December 12, both the Japanese artists and their Dutch counterparts, Hannie van den Bergh and Jan van den Berg, will introduce the Edo Sanpu 2020 project as a whole, and the four subprojects the artists are working on, followed by a Q&A and discussion with the audience.


The projects

Speaking each other’s language is crucial for trading. And playing a game together is traditionally one of the easiest ways to get in touch with ‘others’. Inspired by the long standing Japanse-Dutch history artists have created a new Karuta game. Karuta is both an educational card game and a competitive sport. Projects such as Karuta are inspired by the history of the intercontinental travel between the Netherlands and Japan. Within the lecture our speakers will elaborate on history, present and past stating the central question: what image do we make of ourselves and the other, in times of change? The other three projects can be found by visiting the projects website.

The Participants

Hirokichi has participated in various residencies around the world, from Tokyo to countries such as the Netherlands and Scotland, as part of the artist unit “Poh Wang” alongside contemporary artist Yasuyoshi Botan. By analyzing the geographical, societal, and historical structure of a particular region, she uses video, sculpture, installation, and various other media to create worlds where reality and fiction intertwine, producing works that call into question the norms found in society.

Hannie van den Bergh works as an artist and designer in Amsterdam. She’s researching how art and design can play a role in a changing society; How qualities from artists and designers can shape our thoughts on new technologies and new societal changes; How visualization tools can be used to communicate, co-create, connect and raise curiosity. She is co-founder and curator of the Artist in Residency Deshima AIR (an art initiative to maintain and strengthen the cultural exchange between the Netherlands and Japan).

Yasuyoshi Botan creates and exhibits two-dimensional works with a focus on oil painting. By investigating the relationship between viewer and painting, how the colors and motifs on the picture are perceived, he is constructing a new kind of relation using his characteristic color palette. Recently, he has stayed in the Netherlands to research pigments, tempera techniques, and differences in perceptions of color. While broadening the potential of color, he explores the question, “What is painting?”

Jan van den Berg is best described as an explorer extraordinaire. The expeditions he ventures upon do not so much take him to uncharted spots on the map of the world but to the limits of the naked eye and the naked intellect. He has a penchant for visiting people and scientific projects that demand the most of his imaginative capabilities, and provide him with well-informed stories, at the border of facts and fiction. Stories that make a starting point for his documentary work at the intersection of performing arts and science.



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