ICOMOS lezing: Russian Constructivism Today

8 november 2017 | 19.30 uur | DutchCulture, Amsterdam
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Dit jaar wordt op verschillende wijze eraan herinnerd dat 100 jaar geleden de Russische Oktoberrevolutie plaats vond. De ICOMOS-lezing van woensdag 8 november gaat in op de stroming van het Modernisme en Constructivisme in de Russische architectuur, toegelicht door restauratie-archtect Holger de Kat. Anastassia Smirnova en Alexander Sverdlov, initiatiefnemers van SVESMI – ‘Dutch-Russian office for architecture, urbanism and cultural programming’ in Rotterdam en Moskou – belichten de praktijk van Post-Sovjet architectuur, maar ook behoud en hergebruik van gebouwen uit de Sovjettijd.


The avant-garde, modernist and constructivist period in Russia 2017
by Holger de Kat

Holger de Kat, being a Dutch restoration architect, will describe his experience in Russia focused on the Constructivist architecture in Moscow and Yekaterinburg. Holger has lived three years in Moscow, visited the city for the first time in 2003. With help from Pavel Kuznetsov of the Schusev State Museum of architecture he made an inventory of the Melnikov house. Recently he met Alexej Ginzburg at the start of the restoration of the Narkofim building. With an emphasize on the current state of these top architecture monuments. He will show amongst other things his thermographic inventory with pictures and conclusions. Russian practise in adaptive reuse will also be covered in his lecture.


Preservation Next: Prototypes, Precedents, Systems
by Anastassia Smirnova and Alexander Sverdlov

The founders of SVESMI -the first Dutch-Russian office for architecture, urbanism and cultural programming based in Rotterdam and Moscow- will lecture about the paradigm shift that is currently taking place in Russia. The lecture will outline the new approaches – from education to curation- and focus on the very recent projects executed by SVESMI. The presented cases will range from preservation and re-use of the bourgeois apartment building within the framework of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts to rethinking of various spaces, housing the Moscow library system and to the radical reprogramming of the movie theatres, built at the nadir of Soviet Modernism era. These examples will complement the lecture of Holger de Kat, now seen from the perspective of practicing architects who initiate projects in post-Soviet Russia.



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