Pianos with character, music with a history

The Music Museum Zutphen is permantly closed. Read backgroundinformation.

Geelvinck Music Museum Zutphen

The city of Zutphen, charming medieval merchant city in the east of the Netherlands, is enriched with a new museum, the Geelvinck Music Museum, dedicated to music with focus on the historic piano.
The museum gives an insight in the role of piano in music making, celebrating Beethoven, great composer of piano works ànd great promotor of new developments in piano building


Geelvinck Pianola Museum Amsterdam

Discover the Amsterdam music scene during the Roaring Twenties
The Geelvinck Pianola Museum possibly is the most cute museum in Amsterdam: you step back into the Roaring Twenties. Discover the stories of the piano and the so-called pianola, the self-playing piano from the early 20th century. You see and hear the piano performance reproduced as if the ghost of the pianist of a century ago is actually playing. The museum boosts a collection of over 30.000 historic pianola rolls, one of the largest in the world.