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Aneta Majerová

Slovak pianist Aneta Majerová (born 1979) is a graduate of the Žilina Conservatory in the class of Darina Švarná; the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica in the class of Marián Lapšanský; and the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. She has participated in residencies at the Academy of Music in Prague and the Gnessin Academy in Moscow with Maria Gambarian and Nana Nemsicveridze. She perfectioned her interpretational skills at the International Courses of Interpretation under the guidance of such artists as Lazar Berman, Eugen Indjic, Jiří Skovajsa, Robert Roux, Eugen Pridonoff, Boaz Sharon and Maria Gambarian.

In the last ten years, she has performed in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA,Israel,Russia and the Seychelles. She is a recipient of first prizes in the State Competition of Slovak Conservatories in Chamber Music and of the International Schubert Competition for Piano Duets in Jeseník. As a devoted interpreter of the music of Gideon Klein she is a recipient of support from the Gideon Klein Foundation. She has been teaching at the Prague Conservatory since 2009.


Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival 2014:

Aneta Majerová wil play a recital at the Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival on 16 October at the Posthoornkerk, with:

Czech Classical and Romantic Jewels – Vanhal, Kozeluh, Popper, Tomásek, Ferenc en Goldmark