Daniel Laumans – componist

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Born in 1972 and raised near the German-Dutch border, Daniel spent much time at his Grandmother’s home on the banks of the River Moselle. She taught him how to play the piano, especially performing the classical works of Bach, Mozart, Haydn, and Mendelssohn. Unfortunately she died when he was only 4, so her promise to teach him Composing was never fulfilled.

Subsequent he spent a lot of time in the forests, finding his inspirations in the realms of nature.

After attending the Rheinische Musikschule (Rhinish Music School) in Cologne he decided to take a break from school and to travel through Europe and the World, visiting Portugal, Turkey, Greece until finally reaching Jamaica and the Caribbean. There he spent a few years studying, performing, and composing music. During those times he came into contact with Reaggae, Punk, and Rock, eventually painting postcards or selling romantic poems for his livelihood .

Around 2000 he was invited to Poland, to study with Krisztof Latala (Organ and historical keyboard instruments) and Taddeusz Machl (Composing).

After moving to and settling in Berlin, he started his career once again.He began to perform, compose, research and teach music that sprung from a deep well of knowledge and experience and of course his love of music.