Irina Zuboff – sopraan

Deel dit bericht:

Irina Zuboff grew up in a Russian/German family in Stuttgart, Germany. At five years old, she started piano lessons and at nine she began playing cello with Siegfried Barchet, a student of Pablo Casals. Aged 12 years, Irina gave her first recitals on smaller podia in Germany performing works as the “Solo Suites”by J.S. Bach. Against the expectations of her cello professor she decided not to pursue music and instead pursued studies in philosophy and medicine.

She studied in München, Heidelberg, Bochum, Essen and Paris. After completing her general medicine degree in 1983, she specialised in psychiatry and psychotherapy. At the University hospital in Essen she developed the music therapy department.

She moved to the Netherlands in 1992 where she married and had three children. During this time she followed studies in Intuitive Development and expanded her knowledge in voice expression, drama and yoga. She started writing for German Newspaper as “Die Zeit” and wrote two books, for one of them Corneille made the illustrations. This one was a philosophical fairy tale about a small girl which is called to sing. During the Leipzig Book Fair, the story was performed with music and dance written especially for it. Shortly after, in October 2002, Irina began taking singing lessons. It seems that in her book she had unconsciously predicted her future. Some months later she also started to follow an intensive spiritual path which led her to the activities she is now doing.

In 2011 Irina finished her singing education at the Music Conservatorium in The Hague. Margreet Honig is coaching Irina in her singing career.


Geelvinck Salon:

Irina performs in ‘Anna Paulowna’ on 13 December 2015, together with pianist Olga Chrishina

Irina performs ‘Colomba, a Prayer’, composition by Jeff Hamburg, on 22 February 2015