Jan Koen Lomans – designer Tapestry Chair

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Creating the ‘Tapestry Chair’ with Jeroen Wesselink vormgeving

Half year ago I was visiting Jeroen Wesselink’s studio. And my eyes where drawn to an interesting chair construction.
We decided to make a project together. Named the tapestry chair.

This is a Studio JKL project. realization prototype aprox feb. 2014


The Tapestry Chair is now exhibited in Museum Geelvinck, in cooperation with Foundation Chair/ Stichting Stoel, on the occasion of the Elle Festival  2014 in Amsterdam.



Jan Koen Lomans (Rotterdam, 1978) studied at the School of Fine Art and Design, St. Joost in Breda and Den Bosch and lives and works in Utrecht.
From a young age he has been fascinated by the different stages from life until death. That is why major themes such as transience, birth and re-birth keep recurring in his art. His early work is dominated by flowers in various stages of decay.

Lomans is continuously looking for new ways to not only depict this theme but also to make it palpable. During these searches he even thinks up new techniques and that leads him to exciting explorations, such as the ‘tufted installations’
In this way he applies surprising methods that really bring decay and transience into the spotlight.
For example, by using a laser to draw in polyester fabric. This method goes hand in hand with his abstract way of producing images. Step by step Lomans has left the literal rendering of subjects



such as flowers behind him. He zooms in on the shape of the flower and sketches dream landscapes from the remaining lines. Lomans dishes out new images for us, as is appropriate in the historical tradition of abstract art. You would be right in saying that for Lomans art is a creative occupation.

Text: Edwin Jacobs Director Central Museum Utrecht- The Netherlands

Specialties: The use, or reuse, of craftsmanship go hand in hand in Lomans’ work. Especially old textile techniques as weaving and Tufting.
Next to the use of crafts Lomans is continuously looking for innovative ways to create new work methods. Experimenting with modern techniques such as graphic laser machines, 3D printing, 5-axis milling and LED light.

Work of Jan Koen Lomans is represented in the collections of:
Art collection Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague
Art collection PGGM, Zeist
LUMC, Leiden
Central Museum, Utrecht

Recently Lomans was exhibiting his work at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, the Central Museum in Utrecht and in Museum Geelvinck in Amsterdam.