Jasna Veličković – componist

Jasna Veličković entered the world of music as a classically trained composer and pianist. After completing her studies in Belgrade (with Srdjan Hofman), she moved to The Netherlands and continued her education with Louis Andriessen, Gilius van Bergeijk and Clarence Barlow. 

During her twenty-year long career she has developed an exciting body of work performed at festivals such as ISCM World Music Days, MATA Festival, Biennale Zagreb, Gaudeamus Music Week, Holland Festival, Time of Music, Archipel Festival, A-devantgarde, Avaton Festival, Neposlušno, Ring Ring Festival.

Her compositions often derive from existing music pieces shadowing or looking awry to the original. Her works such as Last Song, Ombre…moi non plus and Shadow Studies focuses on sound extension of traditional instruments. She is also active as a performer and improviser with her own instrument Velicon.

Jasna Veličković is co-founder of CHINCH – Initiative for Research and Production of Contemporary Music, “Live” and Visual Arts and co-founder of TkH: Walking Theory / Teorija koja Hoda.