Liu Qing – componiste

Deel dit bericht:

Liu Qing, one of the famous composers representing Chinese “New Generations”. Associate Professor of composition department of China Conservatory of Music, Committee Member of Chinese Woman Composers’ Association. She studied with professor Wang Ning, Zhang Yun-xuan, Jin Xiang and Yu Su-xian, received her Ph.D from China Central Conservatory of Music in 2009.

Dr. Liu Qing’s music pursues exquisite style, distinguished by a profound traditional Chinese music background and modern compositional theory and technique of Western music. Her works are strikingly innovative, yet moving and emotional.

Her major works include: <Cocoon>, music for violoncello and piano, published by People’s Music Publishing House ; <Sequence>, music for woodwind quintet; <Prelude and Fugue>, music made for seven Chinese and Western instruments; <Story>, orchestral music; <Sha Wei>, for Chinese Chamber; <The song of happy moon>, for Chinese traditional instruments; <The song of grasslands>, for Matouqin and Chinese traditional strings, commissioned by 10th anniversary concert of Chinese Youth National Orchestra; <ru man>, for Gu Zheng and Orchestra,commissioned by 2008 ICWM; <Fantasia of Chinese Ancient Dance >, for two pianos, commissioned by “Yu two pianos”. Her works were premiered in U.S.A, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia. In 2012, her work <Feng· Huang> premiered in Lincoln Center, and earned the first place in 2012 Princeton International Composition Prizes.