Majid Karrouch

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Majid Karrouch (27) born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He went to school which had nothing to do with fashion but everything with people. Started assisting for a short while, already soon he went to Paris by car to do things his own way. Discovering his creative signature while going back to his own cultural heritage Majid loves creating concepts in which he can exhibit his own accessories. Majid worked together with Desiree Dolron, Marcel van der Vlugt, Pablo Delfos, Petrovsky&Ramone and contributed to Linda Magazine, L’Officiel Homme NL, Louis Vuitton, W Hotel. Fascinated with colours, fabrics and characters Majid works with a pure instinct which has lead to a great exchibition last year in Amsterdam Museum together with Philippe Vogelenzang supported by SALON/2.

Salon/2 in het Geelvinck 1 t/m 17 juli 2011

Title: “Until death do us part” (2011)

“Until death do us part” is a work in progress. Each day Majid will dress his white bride and black widow with fabrics and objects allowing the public to experience a styling work in progress.