Martine van ’t Hul

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Martine van ’t Hul designs embroideries which can be both hung on the wall and are portable such as enlarged applications and brooches. She has, for example, designed a dress with application for singer- songwriter/ artist Björk. Martine graduated in 2002 at the Fashion Institute Arnhem and worked in Milan where she took over the sensitive Italian way of fashion design. The embroideries are characterized by the ton-sur-ton use of color – unfinished patterns, loose threads, stacking of beads and paillets – and the idea of “forgotten and unfinished”.

Salon/2 in het Geelvinck 1 t/m 17 juli 2011

“Folding Screen” (2011)

Illustration & embroidery on acetate, silk fabric/ cotton/ wooden frames/ pliers

Individual panels are installed as a folding screen. Techniques that are incorporated in this work are inspired by a course in Japanese embroidery. A major theme in my work is what this installation transience reflected by the inspiration of wilted flowers. I painted them on fabric and then partially filled them up with embroidery. The image for me is as a coloring, which I then fill with needle and thread. While I embroidering, as if I was painting, I zoom in on the work. This creates a whole new world for me.