Mun-Jung Chang – gayageum artist

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Mun-Jung Chang

Mun-Jung Chang is a well-known young solo gayageum artist in Korea. She has B.A. and M.A. in Korean Trational Art, and specilized in gayageum, from Korea National Univesity of Arts. (with thesis : Composed by Klaus Huber Analytical Study on “Rough Brush Tip” for Gayageum and Buk). She was formerly one of the main gayageum peformers in National Busan Gugak Center for and instructor at Gugak National High Shcool.

She has delivered wide range of performacnes from Jongmyo Jerye (The Royal Ancestral Ritual in the Jongmyo Shrine and its Music) to Sanjo in both domestic and international stages. She has alsobeen invited several solo recitals and her specialty is to perform “the full version of Choi Ok-Sam Gayageum Sanjo”. From these diverse experineces in gayageum performance, she was honorably awarded reputational prizes from Ministry of Culture in Korea and Embbassy of Japan. One of the recordings of her performance is available on TBS eFM, Gugak Program Records.

She is now a Successor of The Royal Ancestral Ritual in the Jongmyo Shrine and its Music (No. 1 Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Korea) and now works as an independant gayageum performer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


About the Gayageum (Kayagŭm)

Described as a 12 string half-tube plucked zither with movable bridges, gayageum (kayagŭm) is one of the most widely performed traditional musical instruments in Korea. Throughout history, gayageum music has been enjoyed in diverse venues, in court, amongst the literati and the common people. Its form is included not only ensemble music, but also solo music and vocal accompaniments. From 1985, some newly developed versions of the instrument were introduced, which included the 17, 18, 21, 22, and 25 string gayageums. In accordance with such modifications, new techniques and sound expressions have been developed by composers and performers.


Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival 2016

On 22 October 2016 Mun-Yung Chang performs together with fortepianist Tae-Young Kim and dancer Ji Hyun Youn in the program Geometry of Lamentations