Ngo Hong Quang – Vietnamese instrumenten en zang

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Ngo Hong Quang

Over the years, Ngô Hồng Quang and his magical Đàn Nhị have attracted audiences not only in Vietnam but also in Thailand, Korea and the Netherlands. Born and brought up in a village in Hai Duong in the north of Vietnam, at the age of eleven Quang began to learn how to play the Nhị and soon fell in love with it. The instrument has become his companion until today. At the Hanoi Conservatory, he also studied and played Đàn Bầu, a unique Vietnamese instrument with only one string. In addition to the Nhị and Bầu, Quang is a very skillful player of Đàn Tính, Đàn Môi (Jews harp) and Đàn Tre (a modified version of K’ny). Quang is also a good singer, he is famous for a number of Dân ca (folksongs) and the song Tiếng Việt. Some of the songs that Quang composed such as Đêm cuối cùng của mùa Đông, (Ma Làng TV series drama), Tìm Hà Nội, Đàn Cò and Con Cóc Cóc Con are popular now.

At the moment, Quang follows his passion in teaching, composing and playing Vietnamese traditional music around the globe.

During his trips, Quang did learn new music Composition with teachers and friends in Amsterdam Conservatory of music in The Netherlands.


Geelvinck Salon

Op zondag 27 juli treedt Ngo Hong Quang op met Felipe Ignacio Noriega en Monique Copper, met Hanoi – Amsterdam Concerts Nr. 4