Hye Yoo Mi

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Hye Yoo Mi, born in the Republic of Korea (Seoul), is living and working in Amsterdam. After a four-year technical training Handicraft Furniture Upholstering she continued her education at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. With specialization Autonomous Design at the fashion and textile Department she graduates in 2005. In 2008 HYM obtains her Master of Fine Arts at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

Her work has evolved from technical to a fine craft. Her work has evolved from technical to a fine craft. In her sculptures and installations she combines and connects used materials and objects. In her sculptures and installations her interest in combining and connecting is highly recognizable. With textiles as main materials, it is often related to the human body. In her exclusive headgear collection HYM by Hye Yoo Mi the use of artificial hair in combination with the stitching and braiding techniques embodies handicraft imagery.

Salon/2 in het Geelvinck 1 t/m 17 juli 2011

“Japan” (2011)

During transportation of Japanese Pottery to Europe patches of textile were used for protection. The patches are remaining pieces -with visible wear of use and age. The wear and fragile patches are often repaired with support of another piece at the back and strung by hand in order to prevent further tearing. The remaining pieces are obtained from private households and have often their origin in the lining of original Japanese Kimonos. Preserving and connecting of textiles is a recurring theme in the work of Hye Yoo Mi; textiles that have been preserved carefully are in this installation carefully treated, united and again preserved. Color and pattern are assembled in this meters long patchwork. The installation is on-going, which means that as long as remaining pieces are obtained from Japan, the work will be extended.